Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Power of Display – VividAds Review

For those that know me and my work, then networking is not out of the ordinary. Lately I have taken my work on the road and have joined a lot of exhibitions, networking events, and have even relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana. In the process I have been hitting the road and talking to people in the SEO, content management, and promotional sales world. The first place I went to, I wasn’t prepared. However, I was recommended to test out VividAds (vividads.com.au). While some people will just tell you to go there and use them, I wanted to highlight some of the things that I was able to gather by working with them to produce my displays.

Ease of Use

First of all, they have a lot of experience in this field. I was able to talk to them and get friendly customer service. They knew exactly what I was looking for and completely worked with my budget. I’m not part of a Fortune 500 Company, so I was a bit worried about the pricing, but was able to parlay their work into a budget friendly element that is definitely worthwhile. Once I had the displays, I was off and running and the response has been incredible.

Why Signs?

Small business owners, you need to have an exhibition display ready. Whether you’re going to a trade show, job fair, or you’re even at a flea market, having this is in place is crucial to your success. I for one am in the SEO/Technical business, and this simple display option has been able to communicate to others what I do, what I’m looking for, and more without having to shake every single person’s hand.

Get Your Message Heard

Without the power of pop up displays, especially for trade shows and networking, you are going to have to put into place a lot of individuals to help you get your message heard. Instead of having a ton of people on your pay roll, work with good displays and let your business speak wonders. You’ll be surprised how effective it is to have exhibition displays professionally done.

All in all, VividAds.com.au is a good company to work with. They offer fast, friendly, and on the mark services for small business owners and individuals like myself. I was able to get several displays up and running for my SEO business and have used them for several conventions. From Spokane, Washington to Seattle, Las Vegas, and even Dallas, I have used these displays for great connection points. I recommend them.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Google Sniper Complaints – Google Sniper Is A Scam

Running through a lot of websites that talk about Google Sniper 3.0 is fascinating. Lately, I have been looking at the many Google Sniper complaints that are online. You’ll be surprised by what some people say. Some will even go as far as to say that Google Sniper is a Scam. I don’t agree, but I can understand the frustration of buying a product and then not making any money. That’s something that many people run through and then give up. I am not one of those people. I’m an affiliate marketer, and writer. I have been able to use the tools that are mentioned in the Google Sniper eBook and video program to get a lot of affiliate conversions. Even after Penguin.

I Didn’t Make Any Money With Google Sniper 3.0

This is the biggest complaint that I see online. This is usually the lead in to the notion that Google Sniper is a Scam. Truth be told, it’s a matter of working with the ideas. You are not going to find a lot of people that are making six figures on day one with this program. I know the advertising promotes it as a way to make a ton of money, and that’s usually true for all affiliate marketing options. However, you have to understand that this is not something that is without work. Google Sniper complaints run the gamut of “it’s too hard” and “I didn’t make any money”, which is important. You aren’t going to get rich overnight, but the methods explained in the Google Sniper eBook are true, and do work.

Google Sniper Costs Money, What Gives?

Ok, this is a major one amidst Google Sniper complaints. There are plenty of free eBooks online that will show you how to make money. Google Sniper is not a scam. It’s something that is going to cost you money, but it’s like anything else.

Do you have to pay for a college education?

Do you pay for learning materials?

Do you buy books?

Do you buy software?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then there’s a reason why things like Google Sniper costs money.

Google Sniper Is A Scam!

I see this often. It’s not a scam. Google Sniper complaints really like to harp on how you’re going to get scammed with this, but that’s not true. It’s just not. You are going to need to look into this option as a way to learn how to work with internet marketing. Internet marketing is a great thing, and it can make you a lot of cash from home. However, it takes work. Google Sniper complaints forget to mention that you have to work at it. How long? Well that’s all on you.

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Google Sniper Example Sites Are Few And Far Between – Google Sniper Reviews

I have been searching the internet high and low for examples of internet marketing things. Lately I have been working with Google Sniper 3.0 to see if it works. Some people told me that Google Sniper is a Scam, but I wasn’t quick to listen. I took it upon myself to prove them wrong and so far so good. However, I was wondering if anyone else was doing this, so I looked into Google Sniper Example Sites, but guess what? Like always, I ran into some hurdles.

People Are Scared of Sharing Their Google Sniper Example Sites

Let’s face it, everyone is paranoid when it comes to internet marketing. I am not. I will show you my site, but I can’t. Why? Well, my pages on webs.com have all been banned. I was paying $4.95 on webs.com for a website that was specifically tailored to become a Google Sniper Example Site. I did everything the eBook and video modules said and was pulling $1,000 in AdSense and some serious money with click bank, and then I got the ax.

Don’t Use Free Domains

I learned fast that if you’re going to build a Google Sniper example site, you should not use free or low cost domains. Webs.com, Weebly.com, and others are NOT worth your time for affiliate marketing or any sort of money making ventures. I was able to pull a lot of money before I was banned. I emailed the abuse team and they said, despite my payments, you can’t forward people to affiliate links, and guess what? They banned my site outright. So no Google Sniper example site for you, right?

Moving To Indianapolis

Don’t worry. If you are looking for me to share my Google Sniper example site, you will see it soon. I’m moving to Indianapolis right now and will be working on a new Google Sniper website. I am gunning for a $36,000 year this year, and I’m already up $5,000 in click bank commissions from a site I built using the Google Sniper program.

Is Google Sniper a Scam?

I’ve ran into a lot of sites that call any Google Sniper example site a scam. That’s not true. There are some sites out there, although none come to my mind right now that showcase the power of this program. I haven’t been able to get six figures, but I am making an income from home using their system. I’m impressed with the eBook, which is not just 12 pages and some fluff, it’s a lot of information. Then the videos cement the process, which is great. I recommend looking into Google Sniper example sites and trying the program out for yourself, and see how you can make some money from home.

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Google Sniper Scam – What Google Sniper Reviews Are Saying

In late 2014 Google Sniper 3.0 came out blazing. However, a lot of people were quick to say that Google Sniper is a scam. I wasn’t one of them, but there were plenty of people on SEO forums that were definitely on the side that this was not a legit site that had a lot of great things to offer. I didn’t believe the hype, but after some time working on a few program options, I realize that there is more to this program than meets the eye.

Making $5,000 With Google Sniper

I took this project on starting in January of this year. I took on the notion of marketing a clickbank product with using the Google Sniper program for making money. What I learned was that you could make money from home, and could make serious commissions by simply using the tools that come with the program.

I know, it’s easy to just say that, but I’m being honest. For those that know me, you know that I’m a writer and an affiliate marketer. I have been doing this since 2009 and haven’t had a “real” job for some time. While I’m not rich, I have been able to parlay what I’ve learned through Google Sniper online into a good income. So far this year, $5,000 has been made, but after working with free domains, I was banned. I was banned from webs.com for using the method, so now I have several domains that I’m working on.

Google Sniper and AdSense

Like many marketers, the work that is done with Google Sniper is through two major options:

Make Money With AdSense – You’re going to target keywords that bring traffic to your website. Even free domains work. You will target low target keywords, write content, and then build indexed pages that are easy to work with and get traffic to. Google Sniper works with AdSense as you will end up with a lot of great financial elements.

Affiliate Marketing – The secondary option through Google Sniper’s program is that you will be getting conversions to affiliate marketing. That’s right, you will send people to your Google Sniper website and you will make money through conversions.

Is Google Sniper A Scam?

Ok, here’s the thing, Google Sniper is NOT a scam. However, you have to put in the work. It took me 18 months of tinkering with other programs before I found the methods of Google Sniper 3.0. Today, I’m using that to build a few sites and make money. When the days come that clickbank products aren’t converting, I make upwards of $18 - $20 with AdSense.

Can you make money with Google Sniper 3.0? Absolutely. You just have to put the work in. That’s the downer for some. If you have an hour a day, take on the process and you can make money with free domains like I do, or with paid domains and WordPress. I’m impressed with how it works, but it’s not without work, so don’t think it’s all fun and games.

Make Money From Home With Google Sniper 3.0 Here, Google Sniper is NOT a Scam.

Is Google Sniper A Scam – Google Sniper On Blast

I’ve been an affiliate marketer for some time. I have been able to stop working a 9 to 5 job since 2009. Even though I accepted a position in 2012 as a QA tester for a startup, I didn’t stop working with marketing. A while back I ran into Google Sniper, and didn’t know whether it was for me or not. Like many affiliate marketers, I thought it was just another scam. However, as I have studied and read through a lot of information, I can truly say that Google Sniper is not a scam. However, some still try to say that it is.

The Sniping Method

Much like other programs, Google Sniper review point out that the program has a lot to offer. It certainly is more than just a PDF that is being sold and downloaded. There are video modules, and extra bonuses that come through the Google Sniper click bank program here. After reviewing the latest contents, I can truly say that the breakdown of the methods do make a lot of sense. The goal is to target keywords that have low to medium competition, and then drive a lot of traffic to them. This simplification may seem like something obvious, but with Google Sniper, the methodology is talked about at length.

Is Google Sniper A Scam?

No. It’s not a scam. However, you should know that there is still work involved. It took me 18 months to pull off one of these sites. It took me a serious amount of work to get a site ranked and running. I was able to get a click bank product to rank at #1 for some time. It took me a lot of time. Google Sniper is not a scam, but you will need to work hard to get it running. However, in my 18 months or working hard, I was able to pull off a lot of money to invest in other areas.

I can recommend Google Sniper’s latest download, and truly believe that you can make a go at making money from home. However, you have to look at putting in work. You cannot get anywhere if you just get the program and walk away. You can’t get anywhere if you do not focus on the right elements.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Assessing the future of skateboarding

Skateboarding will always be around. For such a young sport it seems that more and more people are being exposed to the extreme world of skateboarding. Accessing skateboarding has never been easier, thanks in large part to mall stores, MTV, and celebrities using skate brands to further their popularity.

MTV has recently caused a major stir in the skateboarding community by producing two shows based around the lives of professional skateboarders. Rob & Big and Life of Ryan are two separate and different reality shows that follow the life and times of two skateboarders on different paths of their career. Rob Dyrdek has been in the skateboarding world for quite some time and is in his early thirties, while Ryan Sheckler is the new up and comer who's getting loads of media attention for being really good at skateboarding at a very young age. With MTV reaching a broad audience, more and more people are beginning to want to try their hand at skateboarding.

The initial surge of interest is happening right now. With these shows leading the way on commercial television, there is a strong underground community of skateboarders around the country skateboarding in top of the line skateboard parks. New skateboard parks are being built on a daily basis, and more and more people have places to skateboard, where as a few years back the streets were the only places to skateboard for urban teenagers.

The surge of interest is not going to last long and the future is a little grim when one considers skateboarding. The industry is being pushed into an odd place right now. Skateboarding is seeing companies such as Nike, Adidas, Red Bull, Monster, and other corporations trying to piggy back off of the popularity of skateboarding, rather than keeping the status quo of skateboarders running the industry. These companies are literally making a lot of money on skateboarding, meanwhile paying the pioneers of skateboarding such as Mark Gonzalez, Lance Mountain, and many more bigger paychecks to promote their brand. These brands are not in skateboarding for the long haul, and just like the mid 90's X-Games craze, skateboarding is going to see a down turn in popularity once people start falling off their skateboard and seeing the luster rub off the MTV Shows and fake corporate sponsorships.

The future isn't all doom and gloom, though it is not going to see a rise like we saw in the late 90's with Tony Hawk and the X-Games. While more and more people are going to experience skateboarding, the outlook is seeing a lot of core skateboarders sticking to their guns, regardless of corporate hands, continuing to skateboard for the love of skateboarding.

Abraham: The founder of Judaism

They call him Abraham, but his original name was Abram. He is often times considered the father of all major religions that stem from Judaism. While some people argue about whether or not he is the cornerstone of religion, others are fine with the Biblical story that he is tied into. There are several moments that spark his life and times, and many people argue about the authenticity of his story, as more and more people refute the Bible and religious history in general. Focusing on two major turns of events, Abraham becomes a stellar example of what some call blind faith and others call discipleship.

The first major instance of the call of Abram (later named Abraham) appears in the book of Genesis, where in a vision God tells Abram to take his family from his home town and move to a new land, promising him a greater nation and home if he would just believe and go forward. The story also goes on to say that God told Abram that anyone that curses him would be cursed by God, and upon awakening, Abram moves forward with all his family to a new land, in covenant with God. (Genesis 11 – 12)

The initial departure of Abram was not necessarily the biggest of the stories of his life, but it is the first to reflect the changes that would come for him. Later in the book of Genesis (Genesis 15), once again a vision would prompt the covenant between god and the Abram to be solidified in a concrete manner. God promises that if Abram believes and keeps the commands of God a promised land will be given to him and his descendants, and his descendants would number the stars. (Genesis 15)

The aforementioned talks about the initial covenants that sparked the thinking of Abram (later named Abraham after the second covenant established), as the father of Jewish Tradition/Faith, even if it can be a bit confusing.

The Biblical narrative of his life turns into something greater as he is involved in a love triangle of sorts, in which God promises an elderly Sarah (Abraham’s wife) a child in her old age. Instead of believing this notion, she instructs her husband to sleep with a servant, and the first-born son is Ishmael. This son, in Judaic tradition, is not the father of the Israelites, and therefore the son promised to Sarah becomes that focal point. Isaac becomes the father of the Jewish tribes with his children, who through Jacob creates the initial 12 tribes of the Jewish people.

At this point many will be confused as to what’s going on. Rightfully so, as the narrative can be confusing to some, but at this point it’s important to know that Abraham birthed Isaac and he birthed Jacob (and Jacob steals the first born birth right later in Genesis) and through Jacob establishes the nation of Israel through 12 tribes. With that establishment, the Judaic tradition moves forward.

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