Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Susto Shatters All Perceptions of Country and Alternative Rock In One Release

Susto’s self-titled album will completely change the perception of music for you. I’m tired of hearing from friends that always seem to say, “there’s no good music today”, well then open up your ears to yet another example of amazing music that is coming through the pipeline. Susto transcended the country genre, pulls out the alternative rock hat, and brings together an album that is heavy, and it’s amazing. It’s not heavy as in sound, it’s heavy on songwriting, lyrics, and depth. You’re going to fall into a world that is painted by a talented craftsman, and recording that will change the way you feel about today’s music.

You can never say that there is no good music coming through today, because once you hear Susto’s latest release, you will be absolutely amazed. This is the type of record that weighs heavy on your brain. Just listening to “Dream Girl” reminds me of life, life in general. You can relate, you can imagine, and you live in the world of the songs of Susto already, but they are painted with an expert’s touch.

Stand out tracks on this epic release include “Black River Gospel”, “Black Jesus”, “Dream Girl”, “Vampiro 660” and more. I found this to be yet another record that has to be heard as a whole. Do not skip tracks, because once Susto puts you on the journey to true heartfelt musical prowess, you are going to be in for a loop. You’ll feel love, passion, death, and so much more as you listen. Close your eyes, and put on some headphones and experience this album as it was meant to be listened. It’s a personal album in the vein of Johnny Cash, Hank III, and Mike Ness. It’s approachable, it’s hard to quantify into one genre, and by far better than anything that you’re listening to right now.

Susto’s self-titled release brings about hope for a brighter future, and I’m throwing my support in their corner. If they come through your town, go see them, listen to this release and support what very well may be the best record of 2014. That’s right, I said the best of 2014 thus far. I’m not kidding.

Check out more from Susto via their official website here, listen via Bandcamp here or Spotify here, and make sure that you don't sleep on this one. I love it, you'll love it, and you absolutely have to share this with others.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Plastic Barricades Pushes The New Wave Post Punk Button on Masterminds

Don’t let the genre mesh fool you, with 5 minutes of time Plastic Barricades will make you a true believer. The single may not be something you were looking for, but once you hear it, it will change your perception and could very well become your new favorite song. The track features an eclectic blend of sounds and really response to the same ethos that made acts like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and dare I say Oingo Boingo popular. The band does something that others aren’t, and that’s following their own path to the greatness of musical iconography.

Their latest single “Masterminds” is one that comes at you from the 1980s, but it was recently released. It has the same ethos, but it’s modernized, it’s soulful and very much their own. It’s always refreshing to hear bands that know how to mix sounds and instruments, especially when there are layers to the sound. “Masterminds” has several layers and it’s all going to surprise you as it goes through the 5 minute opus.

You get a nice bass line, layered guitar work, and lyricism that will have you smiling, tapping your toes and enjoying their sound. It was “Masterminds” that made me check out their other single “Shine!” which is another dose of fun. Overall, this is a classic tune, and it’s on par with some of the best independent music I’ve heard today. I love how the song works on so many levels, from alternative, new wave, to modern rock as well.

For fans of rock en espanol, you may find that Plastic Barricades sounds a bit like Mana at times. They play on this rock note that is undeniably catchy and well worth your time. Overall “Masterminds” is a standout track that is definitely going to get a lot of attention. Check it out, I like it, you will like it too.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Delyric Oracle Drops Into The Hip Hop World With Lyrical Dominance and Eclectic Beats on Vanilla Sky

Delyric Oracle’s latest release “Vanilla Sky” fuses some incredible laid back flows on stand out tracks that should open the door for her career in the hip hop world. It’s a blast of cool with a relaxed flow that’s definitely a good record. She finds a way to push the boundaries, talk to you straight up, and it is almost like she’s in your ear telling you everything.

I’m not always fond of women in hip hop, as they usually have a lackluster flow or they talk about boring topics. There are a few that will tear up anyone in rhymes, and it’s interesting to see when they land some incredible words backed up by beats, and that’s what you get here. Delyric Oracle’s release “Vanilla Sky” just keeps moving and moving, and really impresses.

Delyric Oracle’s flow punches you in the mouth by the time you get to the track, “What U Need”, and it’s a strong work of art. She is vicious as she flows through her thought process, and it’s interesting to catch up with her thought process on the track. She flows through so many different thoughts and still manages to make a lot of sense. It’s like you’re back in the schoolyard getting bullied, but with a lyrical assault that is as creative as anything in hip hop that you’ve heard in the genre up to now.

What makes Delyric Oracle even more interesting is the rawness of her record. It’s the same type of raw that makes so many of my favorite punk rock records stand out. It’s this type of work that makes you pine for the old school hip hop classics, and you’ll want to go get the cassette tape of this because it’s that raw.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that Delyric Oracle will grow on you. Her thoughts flow like poetry across eclectic beats, and while her flows are hard to understand at times because she can give you a story in a fast paced manner, and while you’re trying to think about what she’s talking about she pulls the rug out and tells you something new. The laid back flow she delivers is unique, and forces you to pay a lot of attention. You’ll want to listen to tracks over and over again because you want to catch all her references, and thoughts on a variety of different topics.

You can listen to Delyric Oracle and support the artist via Reverbnation here.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Filthy Racket Brings Out Raw Power on Their Latest EP Release

The band Filthy Racket produces one of the best no pretense alternative records I’ve heard in a long time. Their release of “Raw” is definitely one of the best things you’re going to hear right now, and it’s a shame that they aren’t being featured on rock radio. While the kiddies are listening to bouncing dub step, and other forms dancehall music, the true rock and roll bands out there are struggling to find an audience. Filthy Racket doesn’t conform to one standard of rock, they progress through this EP with true rebellion, and it pays off quite well.

The guitars are crunchy, the bass lines are fuzzy, and the singer has something to say. It’s a nice package that will definitely serve as a precursor to more music down the line. You’ll find yourself thinking that you’ve gone back in time, to the late 1980s or early 90s when alternative rock music was praised for being different than the polished studio work that many bands were putting out in the “classic” rock genre. That being said, “Raw” breaks the mold and brings back to light the pathos that made The Ramones such a big hit in the 1970s.

With only 5 tracks, you are going to be wanting more because the garage sound definitely proves to be alive and well. It is rocking, like the first Weezer record only with more distortion and less polish, which is exactly what rock needs right now. From the opening of “I’m On My Way”, to the tracks “Anecdotes” and “Be The One”, you get a good mix of rock energy, and a call to action from the past.

Filthy Racket rocks this record hard, and you’ll definitely want to follow them. This is definitely a solid record, and will definitely get them more attention. “Raw” is an above average, rock record, in a time where softer music seems to be flooding the rock radio airwaves. I love it, and you should listen to it if you like good alternative rock and roll.

You can follow Filthy Racket and listen to their “Raw” release, by clicking here for their official page.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Incredible Sales Techniques are Highlighted in Telesales Secrets: A Guide To Selling On The Phone by Claes Simonsen

Those that follow my sites, (all 13 of them), know that I’m always looking at gaining more sales through my affiliate marketing ventures. In a recent search, I ran into a book that has given me a whole new set of tools for working with the affiliate sales idea, and it’s impressive to say the least. In the book Telesales Secrets: A Guide To Selling On The Phone by Claes Simonsen is a book about making sales on the phone. I tried my hand at telemarketing once, and failed miserably. I didn’t make it past my first week, and the manager didn’t give me a fraction of the advice that this book has.

When you start to read through the book that Simonsen has put together, you will get a whole new perspective on sales. More specifically, you are going to get help with overcoming the initial blocks that come up when you call someone. Whether you’re in a call center or you have a list of leads that you need to call and sell, you will get tips and tricks that will move you past that initial gatekeeper. I found that component to be very good, because in affiliate marketing, you sometimes have to reach beyond the persuasion and build trust.

The pitches that are talked about, and the templates that are shown definitely showcase a great deal of versatility. If you’re sales-minded, you are going to enjoy this book. It really does have a great deal of information that you are not going to find anywhere else. Working through the pages, you will not only have a different mindset, but you will see what a typical call center pitch and how to narrow down the script to gain leverage when on the phone. I highly recommend Telesales Secrets: A Guide To Selling On The Phone by Claes Simonsen as a book on sales, even if you’re not on the phone. Yes, it’s a good guide for cold calling and even inbound leads, but it transcends that, at least from my perspective on affiliate marketing etc.

You can pick up Telesales Secrets: A Guide To Selling On The Phone by Claes Simonsen via amazon by clicking here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

American Blogger (The Movie) Is BS

I ran into a digg article about a movie coming out called "American Blogger". It's very fascinating in that it only features women that blog, and they are all young and attractive.

I'm calling BS on this one.

I've been blogging for 15 years, I'm a professional blogger now, and can testify to the marginalization and stupidity of this film. I won't even link it, it's not worth calling out attention other than this quick rant of a post.

What a crock.

Just when I think blogging is getting some semblance of respect, this piece of junk trailer hits Digg. Oh well, back to the writing, you see, not all of us are attractive young things that get featured in movies. Some of us actually write for a living.