Wednesday, April 29, 2015

PurBreath Review

I have 4 cats, I know, people think it’s crazy. Two of them are a bit older and they have some terrible breath sometimes. Depending on the soft food of the day, they can come by and cause a real stink. Things become a bit more complicated when they lick my hand. Yes, my cats lick my hand like dogs sometimes. Leaving my arm and hand smelling terrible. It’s with that problem that I got to searching and found this PurBreath solution. This is an oral gel that completely freshens breath. I was skeptical at first glance, but I tested it out, and it worked wonders. Now I don’t care when my cat comes by to give me a sign that she loves me. To further investigate whether this product worked, I also asked my neighbor to test it. They have a small puppy and this worked wonders. No more dog breath, no more stinky slobber. I really was surprised as to how this worked out, and recommend it highly.

A Note on Ingredients

As with all things that you give your pet, the ingredients are important. In this case, I looked into the ingredient list, and was surprised. The product is safe, has natural ingredients, and really does work out well. I have one picky cat that won’t take medicine or even certain treats, but this he didn’t mind. I tested the seafood flavor, and it worked out quite well. There’s nothing in here that you wouldn’t test out, and yes, I even sprayed some to taste it. It’s a really cool product, and it’s very interesting to see these innovations come through.

A Bonus

Not only does this freshen breath, it can help with oral health. You won’t need to brush your pet’s teeth as the product helps with tartar and plaque buildup. Just make sure to use this twice a week and keep up with the instructions. I am truly amazed at how this works, and really recommend it for cat and dog lovers.

Check out PurBreath via Amazon here. It’s well worth it.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break BOGO At Medieval Times Is HERE - ALL Locations!

Fans of this blog and my other sites know how much I love Medieval Times! If you haven't experienced the glory of one of these shows, you are missing out on something grand. With Spring Break approaching fast, you can take your family, friends, and take advantage of their BOGO sale! That's right, with the code below you can get yourself tickets and enjoy feasting, rejoicing, and the glories of the tournament of kings. If you haven't been, you owe yourself a real treat, because it truly is an honor!


Must mention or enter code BOGORB at time of purchase. Buy one full-priced admission and receive the second admission of equal or lesser value FREE. Not valid with other discounts, offers or group rates. Not valid for the Sat shows at the Buena Park location. Restrictions may apply. Valid thru 5/3/15. Make your reservations by call 1-888-935-6878 or visit
Purchase tickets:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jemsly Car Seat Organizer Review

 For those that know me, you’ll absolutely agree that my cars always look like a small tornado hit the interior. I have a lot of things in my car that are for business, for work, and for school. I seem to have a hard time keeping organized even in my adult years. Despite all that, I’ve been able to manage things a bit well, but there came a turning point when I got a new car. I upgraded to a 2015 Kia Soul recently and my mess was contained to a far smaller area, and that created havoc. To offset that, I started to consider a few ideas that I found online. Amidst all the options I ran into the Jemsly Car Seat Organizer.

Organization Is Key

At first glance, the Jemsly Car Seat Organizer seems innocent enough. It’s an organizer that straps to the seats of your car. However, when I ordered it, I realized that it wasn’t just something that you can casually put in place and forget. You actually have to use it. So I took some time out of my schedule and I went to work on cleaning up my disastrous ride. That’s where I started to notice some really cool things about this option.

This organizer is well made, stitched in a high quality manner, and has 8 pockets of various sizes. This is not just a giant backpack or something flimsy. It has 8 different pockets, and you can hold a ton of stuff. Right now, mine holds my laptop, water bottle, towels for the gym, and even a textbook. I was so impressed with it, that I recommended it to my friends and family, and now they are using these as well.

The key to what makes this work is simple, it’s functional. I’ve invested in so called “organizers” before, but nothing has come close to what this does. It doesn’t just put a giant thing in your trunk or your backseat. It straps to the seat of your car, and that’s where you will not obscure any leg room, or cause passengers obstruction. It’s that simple element that really sold me on this product, and something that is an absolute godsend in a lot of ways.

The Pros (No Cons)

At the end of the day, you most likely want to see a pros and cons list. I can truly say that there’s no cons here, and the Jemsly Car Seat Organizer really delivers on the promise of organization. I was able to not only get my act together, but with a little bit of cleaning, and some discipline, I’ve managed to finally keep my car from becoming a disaster. I recently used it on a road trip, and was impressed with how much it could hold and allow my friends to still have leg room. In the past, I would ask people to move stuff over and try to manage their space well enough. Not any more, this really pushes the envelope, and I like it.

As far as organizing your car, you absolutely should look into the Jemsly Car Seat Organizer, it’s a solid option and really works out well. With 8 pockets, heavy duty stitching, and easy to adjust straps, you will set it, forget it, and get back on the road with relative ease. You can pick up the Jemsly Car Seat Organizer via amazon here, and see what I’m talking about. It’s an absolute necessity if you have a messy car, travel with children, or just drive a great deal. It’s well worth the investment, trust me. At least check it out, you won’t be disappointed. (images via Amazon)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Incredible Bob Marley Coffee Machine

As far as business opportunities are concerned, nothing does as well as coffee. Sure, there’s ways that you could set up a gourmet coffee shop and run out of business, but there are also ways that you can make sure it thrives. For instance, if you were to set up a Bob Marley coffee machine, in the lobby of an office building, you would make money hand over fist. There are several reasons why this is a good opportunity to get into, and it starts with the premium coffee solution that is brewed from Marley’s brand.

The Coffee

I’ve spoke on this topic before, and I continue to say that it’s among the finest coffee that I’ve ever tasted. I’m currently drinking a different option, as I recently run into money problems. My money this week went to a Costa Rica “Shad Grown” organic roast, but if I had a bit more to spend, I’d go with the Marley brand as I’ve been saying. When you purchase any coffee from the Bob Marley coffee machine kiosks that you may invest into, you’re going to get premier taste, and that’s why it’s the best business opportunity.

The Business

I was looking online for options to invest into and while Red Box is obviously a wise choice, I ran into a legitimate Bob Marley coffee machine. It’s a branded coffee kiosk and you can find more information on that here. However, if you wanted to just drink the coffee without investing into a kiosk, you could always test out the grounds, cups, and brew on your own. The business opportunity is more in regards to those that want to invest into something grand and have money to get into the business model. I just point it out as I was astonished by the option.

Making Cents

As you look for opportunities, you may not want to invest in the full Bob Marley coffee machine, but you could at least purchase the coffee and see what I’ve been raving about. I know it may seem strange, but I am truly excited about the flavor, taste, and robust flavors that are being produced from Marley brand coffee, and of course would like to extend a bit of a hand moving forward if you want to take it on. Of course, if you do have money, and you want to invest in a kiosk, you have to check out the video and learn more about this option. A kiosk of Bob Marley coffee would sell gangbusters, if I do say so myself.

The Convenience of Bob Marley Coffee K Cups

Keurig has taken the coffee drinking world by storm. I for one have used this on a regular basis, and while I still have a regular coffee maker, I can attest to the greatness that is found with these machines. If you have a basic model or one of the more advanced options, you’re going to want to look into getting the best k cups possible. In the search for better coffee, I’ve found that Bob Marley coffee k cups are by far the best options that I have tried. It’s not so much that they have reinvented the cup itself, it’s just that the taste of the brew from Jamaica to your kitchen is outstanding.

More Than Caffeine

First and foremost, you’ll find that there’s a given convenience that comes with Bob Marley coffee k cups, but beyond that, you’ll find that the taste is all there. I have been chiming in about the company for some time now, and find that above all other coffees that I’ve purchased in the grocery store, they seem to have a product that is worthy of bringing into the home. Their commitment to the roots of Bob Marley’s tradition is alive and well, and when you purchase cups from them, you are going to be giving back to the community at large.

Responsible Growth

Looking into what Bob Marley’s children are doing today, you will find that the coffee is a part of the larger Marley name. This is not a cash grab, and that’s what most people think when they first start to see the cups in stores and online. If you look at the video messages, and practices about the company, you will find that they are giving back to the local economy of Jamaica, upholding standards and practices, and delivering a pure coffee that can rival Kona’s coffee in many ways. I would reach for a Jamaican Blue Mountain roast before I reached for a Kona option, and that’s just personal taste. Certified organic, responsible growth plantations, and giving jobs for hundreds of Jamaican residents is part of the bigger picture that is going on with drinking this coffee.

The Convenience Matters

For those that are looking for a new option for Keurig, I highly recommend Bob Marley coffee k cups. Test this option out and see why the company is worth investing into. It’s more than just a warm cup, it’s a treat that has roots in the legacy of the famed reggae star, activist, and father.

Monday, January 5, 2015

3 Consistencies With All Bob Marley Coffee Reviews

Buy Bob Marley Coffee Here
When you start to look at reviews that people are posting about coffee in general, you’re going to run into a lot of different opinions. This is true for anything that you want to look deeper into, and it’s hard to differentiate the good from the bad. I found myself thinking about this as I was looking at getting a Bob Marley coffee mug recently. I was actually looking for reviews on the coffee itself, but ran into this notion that I could purchase a cool mug and be the ultimate fan of the coffee. I instead found some interesting notes on the reviews people are posting in regards to the coffee that is coming from the brand.

Clean Taste

First and foremost, I gave up the notion of getting a Bob Marley coffee mug, even though I’m sure they are out there. I instead looked into reviews of the Bob Marley whole beans and k cup variety. The consistency of clean taste came up often. I can attest to the fact that they do have brews that are smooth in variety, and while there’s a slight hint of acidity in the darker roasts, I can definitely approve the notion that there’s clarity and consistency with their cups. I don’t see the same or taste the same, for that matter, with store brands and other large corporate entities.

Cost (High)

The costs are in competition with premium brands. If you’re going to invest in coffee and really enjoy Starbucks, for instance, you won’t find the price to be asking too much. The Blue Mountain whole beans, however, are a bit pricier, but that’s the same across the board. No matter what brand you buy that from, you’re going to pay for the exclusivity of the beans that are grown in the shade of the mountains in Jamaica. Other than that, the price can seem high at first glance, but it’s really a matter of whether or not you like the coffee to begin with.

More Than Branding

When I first started to write and talk about looking for a Bob Marley coffee mug and getting my coffee fix from the Marley brand, I started to look into their story. If you visit their website, you will find that they are not just producing coffee for the sake of it, they are giving back to the community, providing resources, careers, and establishing firm roots within the Marley name. This is not just a cash grab, and that’s what I like most about the story, is that they are truly committed to honoring the Bob Marley legacy, one cup of coffee at a time.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

So This Is The New Year

It's time to once again give blogging a chance. I've written as Sir Jorge of Culver since I was a teenager. I have been trudging away through different posts, and have been creating a lot of different elements of marketing through this naming convention. It's 2015, and though I have a lot of different websites, I still post on this one.

With the start of every year, I go ahead and start writing a lot of content for a variety of different sites. With that in mind, you will start to see a lot of articles here and there, and they may not always be of a personal nature.

All content is of course for a purpose, and you'll see it come through if you tag along. This is a blog of not so epic proportions, but it's still alive and well. Happy New Year, and great tidings to everyone still managing to check in on my site.

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