Monday, September 29, 2014

Arjun Showcases An Incredible Precision on Core

There are bands that play rock and jazz fusion, and then there are bands that take the notion of genres and throws them through a television screen. Bad metaphor? Probably, but Arjun kicks down the notion of “genre” and blends everything together into an iconic painting of rock, jazz, funk, and more on the release of “Core”. I’m completely blown away by how the band has been able to create such a lavish sound and still maintained a solid production. Sometimes with instrumental rock acts, there’s one instrument that stands out and the rest kind of play back up. That’s not the case with this release, as you get punched in the face with heavy riffing, jazzy bass, and funk here and there. In fact, those genres aren’t enough to categorize this all because Arjun cannot be stopped.

This record demands to be listened to straight through. Sure, you will have favorites, but the guitar work is going to blow you away, and when you finally settle in for a new track another element will hit you and you’ll find that you cannot pick a favorite. From the beginning of “Rocks” to the song “Within You” you’re going on a musical journey that cannot be placed within the same walls of pop music or anything that you’re currently listening to, you just can’t. You’re going to find that there’s magic here and it’s rare to hear music like this, played so well and with such gusto.

Just when you think you’ve figured out Arjun, a new concept comes through and you’re blow away. I didn’t predict the iconic bass lines of “Lavalust”, nor did I peg the guitar solos to be so dramatic, and eclectic through the tracks. The switch between melodies, the percussion, and all the elements surrounding each track is done incredibly well.

You’re going to find that “Core” is by far a perfect album and could very well be that one record that everyone around you raves about, because it’s that good. No joke, this is by far the best selection of rock guitar tracks I’ve heard this year.

You can check out more music from Arjun by going to their official site here, checking their twitter here, Facebook here, and the YouTube video below.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Roxanna Focuses on Making You Fall In Love On The Release of Exotica

There’s a special type of singer that can make me stop what I’m doing and listen. Roxanna has that quality, it’s intangible, it’s poetic, and it’s magnificent. It rises through the notes and pulls through the speakers to pull at my tie and bring me in. It’s like she’s singing just to me, and I’m in a fantasy world, in love with the sultriness of the vocals. With “Exotica” you are treated to track after track of beautiful singing, and sultry topics that go from simple to grandiose in love. You’ll find that this is pop in some ways, it’s world music in others, it has orchestral qualities, and it flows through with such ease. I was shocked by how good the disc flows through different channels.

With the starting track “Only You”, you start to flow through a pop simplicity that transcends my mediocre vocabulary. I really didn’t know how to describe how nice the vocals play over the music. As a Spanish speaker, “El Amor” got me. Track 6 really does well and Roxanna’s voice is just beautiful here. The pronunciation, the music, everything about that track makes me a true believer and that’s something worth noting.

Just when you think you’ve figured out everything on the disc, you are treated to tracks like “Fresh”, “My Best Friend (Miko)”, and “Loved” that are iconic and resourceful. The talent of this singer truly shines through the songs, and really does inspire and compel. It pulls you into a new world, and that’s the best thing about music.

Roxanna’s “Exotica” is a disc that will find a huge audience. I love the vocals, the music, and the transitional elements here. You are treated to a full spectrum of musical promise, and you can’t deny there’s a lot of talent here. From pop to jazz to orchestral, there’s something for everyone on this superior record.

You can purchase this record via amazon here, and keep an eye out for what very well maybe the best singer I’ve heard in a long time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blood Sugar Summer Astonishes on The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet

Blood Sugar Summer is a band you’re going to want to keep your eyes on. Their latest track, “The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet” is an evolution of sound that mixes synth, goth, rock, and orchestral sounds to create an incredible blend. It’s something that I haven’t heard in a long time, creatively compelling, and lyrically compelling as well. It’s something that will floor you as you pay attention to the lyrics and the depths of which the story unfolds for you.

What you get here is something that shines through a variety of different elements. You get the song’s overall structure which alone is compelling, but the lyrics really come in and play a role. It’s like watching a painter create masterpiece over time. The nature of this track really hits you hard as you start to pay closer attention to the lyrics that are coming through and it’s definitely well worth your time.

“The Most Photographed Woman On The Planet” is one of those haunting tracks that will completely surprise you. It’s not really fair to place this in one genre, as it is far more grand that just the sum of the genres that I can think of. It’s an impressive, layered, and illustrious approach to music, which is definitely worth your time. If you have a moment, turn up your speakers and listen to the brevity that comes through. It’s hard not to love this track, it reaches out and grabs you.

You can listen to Blood Sugar Summer via their soundcloud page here.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Below is a very cool clip from the Mike Skinner film Spirit of 69, a collaboration between the director and Dr. Martens footwear. I dig it, as it talks about mod culture, the UK/Jamaican music influence and style. I love ska/reggae and this is a great clip and introduction to a new line of clothing and boots that have been inspired by the mod/ska/two tone UK culture. Check the clip out below:

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Swavy One Releases The Catchiest Song of 2014 With Bounce

Hip hop doesn’t always come out with such  catchy tunes. Even some of the best in the game can’t really capture my attention, but The Swavy One has done more than capture my attention, he’s single handedly changed my perception of hip hop in 2014. Sure, I’ve shouted out Murs, Fashawn, and others, but their records are older now, and well, it’s 2014 and new is new. The Swavy One pushes the best parts of hip hop out with “Bounce” and it’s awesome. The mix of lyrical dominance, tight beats, and easy flow is easily one of the best things I’ve heard all year.

“Bounce” will have you doing just that, bouncing with the tune and singing along with the chorus that just doesn’t let up. The beats are solid, the rhymes here are effective, and it all works to the best that you can imagine from the world of hip hop today. You’re not going to find another song that is this catchy right now, whether on the radio or online. There’s talent that overflows here, and it’s something that you cannot deny. There’s just so much to the song, and it’s more than just me praising it, listen to it.

You cannot listen to The Swavy One’s latest release and not get it stuck in your head. Download it, turn it up in your stereo and watch people’s head turn as you “Bounce” with one of the hottest songs of 2014, bar none. The Swavy One is on top of his game with this track, and I for one can’t stop listening, you won’t either so start now.

Check out the track “Bounce” via soundcloud here, follow The Swavy One on twitter here, check out his official website here, and keep tabs on the up and coming MC.

The Electrets Ignite A Fire In My Heart With Misfit

It’s rare for me to swoon when I hear a band, but The Electrets have done it. Not since I first heard The Red Aunts have I fallen in love with a female punk rock outfit. The thing is that not only do The Electrets play a brand of early punk rock that I’ve always been a fan of, but they do so with a touch of horror that will definitely get you swinging your hips a bit. The record makes me want to take out my creepers and bolts and go out on the town Electric Frankenstein style.

All kidding aside, “Misfit” is an EP that is really good, it’s 6 songs of garage punk, and modern alternative that is awesome. There’s no gimmicks here, they are the real deal, they play with precision and when you listen to the tracks you are going to fall in love with the way the guitars work, the bass lines can walk around, and the keyboards that isolate that old school rockabilly and punk swing style. Don’t get this twisted, they are not to be confined in one style, but rather the ethos of those genres seems to permeate throughout the tracks, and create a style all its own.

The stand out tracks are “Misfit”, “I Can Be better”, and “Red Train”, but the whole record is grand. I really love this record and can only hope that the band gets more notoriety because they are truly a gem to me and anyone that likes that old school punk sound. Think early Ramones, The Huntingtons keyboard sound, Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, and anything that isn’t too polished. They bring back a raw energy that is well worth your time, and definitely your money and sacred devotion.

Check out more on The Electrets via Soundcloud here, Itunes here, and Facebook here. I’m in love with this music, hence why I’m telling you to go get it. Seriously, this is one of the better records I’ve heard all year, and I hear a LOT. When you’re a CHUD you get certain privileges.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Blood Sugar Summer Punch In An Iconic Song With Haunted

Blood Sugar Summer is a duo that you are going to want to keep your eyes on. With the release of their latest track, “Haunted”, you get a taste of what’s coming from the duo of Benj├│ James and Jack Wilson. This guitar heavy track is one of the most uncompromising examples of artistry and poetry meeting head on. The song is more than just a mixture of sounds, it’s a layered approach to music that melts two very distinct ideas into one opus.

The song’s lyrics are iconic, they inspire, they tell a story, and it’s the same dynamic that you will liken to bands like The Cure, and Echo and The Bunnymen. There’s so much going on with the track, that you will want to rewind it and listen to it over and over again. There’s just something here that is intangible, and makes it an iconic alternative track. It mixes this melancholy tone with poetry and rock atmosphere that will completely floor you upon first listen.

“Haunted” is just that, it’s a haunted and haunting track that speaks volumes to the talent of Blood Sugar Summer. I’m completely impressed and enthralled with the sounds, and am not sure what to make of it all.

Check out the track below and turn it up, it’s an instant classic if you ask me.