Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lourdes Duque Baron Time Travels in Me & Mr. Jones

Click play on the video, and close your eyes for a moment. You will be taken back to a simpler time, one where pure song structure and voices made the most compelling sounds, and not flash and pop. Lourdes Duque Baron completely transforms the musical landscape of the past into the present and creates a lavish sound that you will fall in love with. The vocals on this cover of “Me & Mr. Jones” is a complete throwback, but done in such a beautiful manner. It’s not presented in a way that loses the momentum of the original, in fact, it creates a compelling nuance that is just lavish to say the least.

It’s funny to hear a lot of people talk about soul artists, but when you hear what is being touted as “soul” today, you get mostly awful quality. That’s not what you get here, you get a proverbial genius of sound, and it’s just amazing. You hear the heart and soul of the vocals here, and Baron knkows how to encapsulate the feelings and emotions that come alongside with the music and lyrics in this song.

AKNU doing back up is perfect, with a true orchestral feel, and just incredible tone quality amidst Andrew Lane’s production. Sometimes with covers you don’t really get that tonality and vocal distinction, but wow, Lourdes Duque Baron completely shatters the notion with serious talent. You’ll hear and feel the words coming through and that’s what makes soul music so grand sometimes. You owe it to yourself to listen closely, as this is a perfect example of taking the past and truly presenting it brand new in the present.

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